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November 12, 2022



Dear Delegates, 

The secretariat at Western MUN is thrilled to host the annual internal WESMUN conference. Since 1997, Western Model UN has provided quality conferences to delegations across Canada. Through rigorous debate, intense negotiations, and innovative teamwork, students leave WESMUN a stronger, well-informed delegate. From November 12, the secretariat will be bringing back Western University's internal MUN conference to an in-person format. 

The secretariat is working diligently to present delegates with an engaging and memorable MUN experience. This year, WESMUN plans to host a joint crisis/historical crisis committee, two specialized committees, and a general assembly. These committees cover a wide range of topics, from Cold War crises, post-conflict peace-building, and the politics at sea. This event represents the breadth of MUN experience WESMUN has developed in its nearly twenty-five year history. 

We look forward to see you this fall! 


Matthew Owen-Flood & Nicolina Fasciano


General Assembly

Post-Afghan Conflict 



The Cuban Missile Crisis


UN Stabilisation Mission

Haitian Crisis



Conflict in the Mediterranean Sea

Shanzae Zaeem 

USG External


Sesa Doshi

USG Logistics

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