Junior Executive Descriptions
Under Secretary General, Committees

The USG committees helps create an impressive list of committees for delegates to enjoy at all conferences we organize. This includes creating high quality background guides, selecting and leading committee staff, and designing engaging committees. The USG Committees will help place delegates into their proper committees with positions tailored to their level of experience. The USG Committees will also serve as the go-to contact at conferences for questions regarding Rules of Procedure. Competitive applicants should have MUN experience in both crisis and general assembly committees, as well as strong planning skills.

Under Secretary General, External

The USG External is responsible for marketing and promoting the conferences to potential delegates and delegations. The USG External will be expected to execute a marketing plan to encourage as many students as possible to come to our conferences. Given that WESMUN draws top university delegations from across the province, the USG External role plays a crucial role in our conferences’ success. The USG External will be heavily involved in reaching out to regional MUN Clubs to encourage them to send delegates to our conferences and will serve as the main contact point for external delegations. Competitive applicants should have MUN experience, be an effective communicator, and have a strong work ethic.

Under Secretary General, Logistics

The USG logistics is responsible for helping with the logistical functions of WESMUN. This includes facilitating the creation and ordering of placards, name tags, delegate packages, and gavels, as well as making room bookings and catering orders. The USG logistics will be responsible for orchestrating registration and payment systems for our conferences. By handling a significant amount of the behind-the-scenes work leading up to and on the day of the conference, the USG Logistics will ensure our conferences run smoothly. Competitive applicants should have some event planning experience, exemplary attention to detail, organization, time management, and the ability to learn quickly.

Assistant Head Delegate

 (2 positions available)

Operating under the Head Delegates, the Assistant Head Delegate aids with the organization and operation of attending external MUN conferences. This includes choosing which conferences to attend, the logistics behind attending an external conference, and acting as a delegation leader. A strong candidate for the position of Assistant Head Delegate should be organized, comfortable dealing with strangers, a good communicator, and a team player. The Assistant Head Delegate is vital part of ensuring that all external conferences run smoothly and all UWOMUN members involved have a positive experience.

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications is responsible for assisting the Vice President of Communications with emails between executive and club members, social media updates, and the upkeep of our website. Furthermore, the Director of Communications organizes dialogue between UWOMUN and high schools throughout London, inviting them to and providing information regarding WHIMUN, our annual high school conference. Competitive applicants must be well-spoken and capable with social media. Finally, the Director of Communications is responsible for managing the Western MUN website, and as such competitive candidates will be experienced in website administration and management.

Director of Sponsorship

The Director of Sponsorship is primarily in charge of raising funds for the club and the events we host throughout the year. They assist in approaching businesses and other organizations for potential donations to finance our conferences. This position has an outreach component which includes but is not limited to: speaking to classes about joining MUN or MUN events, assisting other members of the executive, and staffing conferences. Competitive applicants should be outgoing, have excellent oral and written communication skills and a passion for Model United Nations.

Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary is responsible for assisting in the delivery of our overall member experience. Directly reporting to the Presidency, the Executive Secretary will operate as a liaison between the organization’s functional departments and an ad hoc team member. Tasks may include assisting with internal conference logistics and committee planning, member workshops, and implementing Western Model UN’s communications strategy. Additionally, the Executive Secretary will assist in administrative duties such as recording meeting minutes and responding to emails. Strong candidates should have experience working with and/or leading teams, Model UN experience, and a demonstrable work ethic.