Our Vision

Club Vision


The Western Model United Nations Society strives to foster interest amongst students in the areas of politics, international relations, public speaking, humanitarian efforts, negotiation and diplomacy. Western Model UN is committed to providing structured forums to facilitate constructive discourse through Model UN conferences and other events, and actively encourages a diversity of viewpoints. 


Geopolitical Equality


WESMUN strives to be one of the most accessible and diverse conferences offered on the Canadian collegiate MUN circuit. Hosted by the Western Model United Nations Society, WESMUN seeks to facilitate the discussion of a range of interesting global issues in the context of the United Nations. It is centre to the conference that when discussing issues in committee that the issues up for discussion do not disproportionately impact Western Countries and as a result our committee and topic selection reflect this belief. Far to often issues are ignored because they do not involve countries that are considered key players on the world stage. WESMUN is committed to bringing said issues to the forefront of debate instead of leaving them aside.


Financial Accessibility


The Western Model United Nations Society recognizes the financial barriers innate to Model UN and strives to increase its financial accessibility. To increase WESMUN’s affordability, we have waived all delegation fees, minimized delegate costs, and have adopted an opt-in approach to our optional social after committee.




WESMUN is committed to running an environmentally friendly conference. Delegates should expect to receive less papered items than a typical MUN conference. This reduction of papered items will in no way impact the delegate experience. 

In fact, through a comprehensive review process the secretariat has found several redundancies in how a typical delegate package is structured. As a direct result of this, wasteful items will not be included and will instead be delivered digitally (stay tuned for updates). Moreover, resolutions will be written only on one-sided scrap paper from around campus, provided in your committee.