At Western MUN, we are committed to ensuring that all delegates feel confident and prepared to compete at conferences regardless of experience level. On this page, you can find a variety of training materials created by the Western MUN senior executive team of 2022-2023. 

Note: This page will be updated as new training materials are created!

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Need Tips on How to ACE 
Your First Position Paper?

Check out this presentation created by the WESTERN MUN senior executive team. Be sure to complete the mini-drill at the end! 

Do You Have an Awesome Idea for a Resolution, but Don't Know How to Start Writing? 

Check out this presentation on all things you need to know about writing a resolution paper during a MUN Conference! 

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General MUN Procedure 

This training module provides a general overview of MUN procedure. Ideal for beginner delegates, or experienced delegates who need a quick refresher on how committee works! 

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